Renlord Yang


(Last Updated: 15 April 2021)

I am completing my PhD candidature now. (ETA: June 2021 or earlier)

My research on improving transaction verification throughput on decentralized cryptocurrency networks. More specifically, my collaborators and I look at system bottlenecks that make it difficult to improve transaction verification throughput in cryptocurrency software clients.

This typically involves empirical analysis and measurements using tools such as perf, bpftools and programming language specific performance analysis tools such as go tool pprof.

My doctoral advisors are A. Prof. Toby Murray, Prof. Udaya Parampalli, Dr. Renata Borovica-Gajic and I previously collaborated with Dr. Paul Rimba.

Looking for Work, Remote Work Preferred.

Open Source Contributions

I regularly contribute to an open-source, secure and privacy-focused Mobile Operating System – GrapheneOS. You can check out my work on Github.



Unpublished Manuscript