Last Updated: 06.06.2021


I use the following chat services (in order of personal preference):


You know what Bitcoin is, but how does it work?. 3blue1brown (Grant Sanderson) on Youtube explains it best. How secure is Bitcoin? A numerical explanation, again by 3blue1brown (Grant Sanderson) on Youtube.

Services and Hardware

I self-host a good number of services on my inexpensive private cluster of ARM single-board computers (SBCs) and a x86 NUC.

Cloud Setup

My cluster machine composition is as follows:

My setup involves setting Docker Swarm and each service is then spun up using a docker-compose.yml file, therefore all my services are Linux distribution-agnostic. Unfortunately, I need to stick with specific distributions for specific hardware due to poor/slow kernel maintainenance by the hardware vendors. For storage, I have disk drives physically mounted in one of my nodes and I share the NAS using NFS with LAN. All my devices operate within the docker swarm network which is encrypted within my LAN and the only ingress/egress network interfaces are an exposed HTTPS port and wireguard UDP port whitelisted on my router.

I use Superloop as my ISP. They have relatively good and reliable international transit compared to other past ISPs I have used (i.e. TPG, Tangerine, AussieBB and Exetel).

Since June 2020, I have ceased paying for any online services besides virtual private server hosting.

Some example services that I self-host:

Melbourne Cycling

Since public transport is highly unreliable and road congestion drives me crazy, I ride a bicycle around Melbourne.

Reid Vantage Endurance 2.0


Thief came into bike garage with an angle grinder and cut the lock. Stolen in Melbourne CBD.

Merida Reacto 6000 Disc 2021

Merida Reacto 6000 Disc 2021

My upgraded bicycle since March 2021. I now keep my bicycle with me personally, at all times. Bicycle locks aren’t really effective in Melbourne since angle grinders can be purchased for cheap from Bunnings.

Some Cycling Maps

Map of Melbourne Bike Trails Map of Melbourne Bike Trails. Credits to /u/Fozzaroo from /r/melbourne. Use browser-zoom to view map in detail.

Riding on the road around Melbourne is also pretty good. There are some excellent dedicated pop-up cycling lanes such as the recent Heidelberg Pop-up Bike Lanes that connect Collingwood/Fitzroy all the way through to Heidelberg or the Chandler Highway/Heidelberg Road intersection.

Heidelberg Road Link Heidelberg Road Link

There’s plenty of signage along the Heidelberg Road Link both inbound/outbound from Collingwood. It is easy to follow the signs and the road condition along this particular road link is excellent. Cyclist now travelling across the Heidelberg Road bridge have a wide dedicated lane, so there’s no need to be concerned of side-swipes from cars.